Pendex® is a completely new training modality. It measures functional outcomes to promote maximum recovery and rehabilitation.

All innovative Pendex® developments are embodied in 12 smart training machines that are directly analogous to the pendulum-lever anatomical structure of the human body. These workouts are unique.

training programs

Customized training programs developed by a fully integrated biomechanical diagnostics and feedback-led training system aimed at correcting specific imbalances.


The system guides the training process in real-time to make sure that the exercises are performed correctly.


body motions

Exercises, based on pendulum movements, are natural for the human body and dramatically restore its symmetry and balance.



Pendex® produces in-depth real time reports that allow both the user and trainer to monitor progress and that serve as motivation for further achievements.

The set of 12 trainers
give each body zone a full
workout, improving and
strengthening health.

Unparalleled methodology

Motion quality Balance Symmetry
Movement fluidity Accuracy Power

Pendex® machines are equipped with accurate motion and strength sensors. They monitor the user's movements, displaying recommendations in real-time on the touchscreen for correcting posture and movement.

This is made possible by the ability of artificial intelligence to analyse bulk data collected from each of the sensors incorporated into Pendex® machines.

is the best trainer

Each exercise is unique and personally tailored.
Each training session improves your health and fitness.

What are the benefits of Pendex® training?

Pendex® offers a choice of exercises targeting your body’s weakest links, guiding you to building a resilient body. Anatomically correct training angles eliminate imbalance, restoring the body’s symmetry and correct posture.

What are the benefits of Pendex® training?

Extensive ability to vary training load and safe and accurate load dosages make Pendex® exercises suitable for everyone, no matter their age, gender, physical condition or goals. The system creates an individual training mode program for any fitness level, as well as for post-injury rehabilitation.

smart trainer

Pendex® motion and strength sensors take up to 300 measurements per second, while IoT (Internet of Things) technology integrates this data in a single network along with the touchscreen and cloud intelligence.

smart trainer

Each body motion is analysed and current progress and the nearest training goals are displayed on the touchscreen. No personal trainer is needed. Pendex® constantly monitors and evaluates your performance.


Pendex® -
just you and
your body

Pendex® is a comprehensive machine and your friend at the same time. Present right here and now, it knows what you need, offers a solution for any physical condition, evaluates your performance and plans your progress. Pendex® is designed for your daily steps towards healthy and active longevity.

Pendex® is the best personal trainer. It understands you without words.


work on all muscles

Pendex® trainers activate the body’s deepest SuperCore — the vital core of muscles, tendons and entire body joints.

Pendex® targets the weak muscle groups, increasing their strength and endurance, eliminating imbalances, creating a strong, sturdy and beautiful body. At the same time, it enhances the correct functioning of your digestion and other bodily functions.


Pendex® Back and Hip Trainer

Strengthens the back and hip joint muscles, improves coordination of movements, creates a beautiful posture.


Pendex® Shoulder, Back and Abdominal Trainer

Trains optimal coordination between the main muscle groups and increases their strength.


Pendex® Hip Trainer

Improves developmental symmetry and trains the lower body for a dynamic balance.


Pendex® Lower Back Trainer

Improves performance and enhances muscle strength in the lower back.


Pendex® Back Posture Trainer

Develops correct posture maintenance and increases the strength of muscles responsible for its formation.


Pendex® Back and Abdominal Trainer

Undulating movements of the back and shoulder improve coordination between the largest back and abdomen muscles.


Pendex® Upper Back Flexor Trainer

Improves performance and coordination of the upper back flexor muscles.


Pendex® Upper Back Extensor Trainer

Improves performance and coordination of the upper back extensor muscles.


Pendex® Leg and Back Trainer

Improves performance, enhances strength and improves coordination of the front and back thigh muscles and the back extensor muscles.


Pendex® Back and Hip Trainer

Works out the front thigh muscles involving all the major back muscles, including the muscles responsible for correct posture.


Pendex® Arm, Shoulder and Back Trainer

Develops symmetry, increases strength and improves coordination of the arms, shoulders and upper back muscles, trains the dynamic balance of the upper body.


Pendex® Shoulder-Abductor Muscles Trainer

Improves developmental symmetry, increases the strength and coordination of the abductor muscles of both arms.

Inspired by the
perfection of
the human body

The trainers are designed on the principle of a freely swinging pendulum – a direct analogue of the human body’s biomechanical structure. All natural body motions are pendulums.
Its patterns ensure that your movements follow a correct path. The system sets and limits the optimum exercise loads, angles and motion amplitudes.
Pendex® training uses a variety of muscle contraction modes, including concentric, isometric, and most importantly, eccentric.
The pendulum movement frequencies are the result of accurate algorithm calculations. The Pendex® trainer moves in pendulum mode to make your muscles work. Progress is directly related to motion function, physical condition, energy, endurance, and your overall health condition.

Reach your goals at any age

People of all ages and fitness levels can improve their health with Pendex® trainers.

The Pendex® system is designed to accurately determine the individual capabilities of each person and to allow training in complete safety while maintaining high exercise efficiency. Each Pendex® workout is one more step towards health, physical freedom and active longevity.

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