Grow your business
with Pendex®

Pendex® technology allows a single trainer to lead up
to 10 personal training sessions per hour,
100 workouts per day.
Just 100 square meters of space are required and you can work 24/7.

Pendex® trainers guide user activities in real-time. Therefore, there is no need for a team of personal trainers.

Like any personal trainer, Pendex® knows each customer by name and helps to get the best results out of every training session. Customers will be delighted with the service.

All of this comes together to deliver a positive profit and a fast return on investment. The economic benefits of installing Pendex® smart trainers are as impressive as the quality of services they provide.

Personal training sessions per hour
Workouts per day


Cloud technology

The Internet of Things keeps all the information in the cloud. A tablet with a pre-installed admin app is included in the set of Pendex® equipment. It allows users to be registered in the system and their training progress to be tracked.

User personal access card

A personal access card, provided to each user, allows them to log into the system via a contactless NFC reader. The trainer has full control over the process on the tablet and is able to respond quickly to any customer's needs. Users can get assistance by pressing the call button on the trainer's touchscreen display.


Business from 0 to 100%

Pendex® is a ready-to-operate system.


Training, installation and support are free of charge.

Set-up support

We assist in planning,
designing and launching
Pendex® studio.

Pendex® Integration

We assist with integrating
Pendex® into facilities
that are already in operation.

We Offer

Rent a studio Pendex®

Open a High-Tech Studio with income
from €98,000/year

Corporate wellness

Take care of the health of your employees and boost your company's productivity by 22% with the unique Pendex® solution.

Pendex® for
Medical Centres

High-tech equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Reduction of labour costs by 1200%.


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We are happy to answer your questions.
Send your inquiry using the contact form.

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